Clay Baggett
Lead Pastor

Darin Miller
Executive Pastor

Jonathan Lee
Worship Pastor

Grant-Ross McGregor
Young Adult Pastor

Kimberly Wallace
Creative Pastor

Toby Swager
Outreach Pastor

Sherlock Singh
Prayer/Missions Pastor

Wanette Turner
Sr. Adult Pastor

Grant-Ross McGregor

Grant-Ross and DeAnn McGregor

Young Adult Pastors

Grant and Deann McGregor

Grant-Ross & DeAnn Mcgregor are originally from South Africa, he is the grandson and son of world-shaking evangelists. Being exposed to ministry from a young age, he developed a desire to experience God for himself. Since stepping out into ministry in 2005, he has had opportunities to minister throughout France, Holland, South Africa and across the United States. Not being satisfied with just merely talking about the Gospel, he and his wife are passionate about working with the young adult generation so that it is said of them, "they who have turned the world upside down have come unto us".

Need to get in touch with Pastor Grant? Email him here: [email protected]

Wednesday, Nov 22